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A full-featured, multi-language, Gtk-based control panel targeted toward IceWM

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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: IceWMCP version 3.2 is now available. This release patches bugs that many users of Python 2.3 experienced. Support has been added for the latest features of IceWM 1.2.14 / 1.2.15. A French translation has been added, and the Russian translation has been updated. The IceMe menu editor now saves non-English characters in the menu file correctly. A big THANK YOU to the following people: French Translation Added By - Yves Perraudin (yploglib ['at'], Rgis Dcamps (decamps ['at'], and Simon Gauthier (joy3k ['at'] Russian Translation Updates By - Vasya a.k.a Vasiliy Leushin (basileus ['at'] Thank you all for your hard work and patience with me. :-)   DOWNLOAD   List of New Features
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: The following applications have just been released: IcePref2 3.4, IcePref2 Theme Designer 3.2, PhrozenClock 3.2, IceSoundManager 3.2, GtkPCCard 1.6, and IceWMCP Tray Icon Plug-in 0.2   Download

IceWM Control Panel: Hardware and System Information
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The Hardware and System Information program is a new edition to the IceWMCP line-up of tools. The tool provides a clean, easy-to-use interface for viewing extensive information about your hardware, as well as other important system information. It is still considered experimental (beta), but already seems to be running fairly well. Since the program uses a combination of Python and C code, it is not "cross platform", and, therefore, is distributed only as a 'plug-in' for IceWMCP. Pre-compiled binary versions of the Hardware and System Information tool are available only for Pentium/Intel (i586) systems on the download page (in the 'IceWMCP-Hardware-plugin' package for 'i586'). Users of all other systems will have to obtain the source code from the download page (in the 'IceWMCP-Hardware-plugin' package for 'source') and build the tool themselves. NOTE: There is NO support provided for building, compiling, installing, or using the Hardware and System Information 'plug-in'. Do NOT e-mail me with questions about this plug-in. If you are installing from the source package, view the 'README.txt' file. This software uses a highly modified version of the 'libhd' and 'hwinfo' software library from SuSe. No technical support is provided for this plug-in. (This is an unsupported, but NOT 'unmaintained', plug-in for IceWMCP.) WARNING: Running this tool while connected to the internet via a dialup connection (ppp or tuntap) has been known to cause the internet connection to be dropped (This is due to the modem being queried during the hardware probe.) For best results, you should run the Hardware and System Information tool after a fresh boot, and with no active dialup internet connections running.



HELP: IceWM Control Panel (IceWMCP) Hardware and System Information

No help is available for this plug-in . This is an UNSUPPORTED (but not 'unmaintained') plug-in for IceWM Control Panel (IceWMCP) . No technical support is provided for this plug-in, and I am not currently accepting 'bug reports' for this plug-in . This is an experimental, new addition to the IceWM Control Panel (IceWMCP) collection of tools, and a full 'Help' file will only be written when (and if) this program is deemed to be 'stable' . For now, you are on your own .

IceWM Control Panel is Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at']
See the license and copyright documents for more legal information regarding this software.

Last Update: 04/29/2005
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