Gyach Enhanced: Help
Gyach ENHANCED-PhrozenSmoke
Copyright (c) 2003-2005, Erica Andrews [phrozensmoke 'at']
Copyright (c) 2000-2003, Chris T. Pinkham [cpinkham 'at']
License: GNU General Public License.
    French Translation: Philippe Parmentier, [philo39_91_fr 'at']


/autoaway [min]set auto-away timer to 'min' minutes
/alias [alias] [text]create an alias to specified text
/away [msg]
  /aw [msg]
go away with custom auto-away message
/backcome back from away status
/business-card [user]send your contact information to 'user'
clear chat text window
/conf-invite [user]invite user to private conference
/conf-startstart a private conference
/connectopen login window
show current date and time
/disconnectdisconnect from chat
/emote [text]
  /me [text]
  /e [text]
  : [text]
send text as an emote
/file [file_name] [user]send file named 'file_name' to 'user'; the file name must not contain a space and the file size must be under 250kb.
/find [text]search in chat window for text
/flooder-remove [user]remove user from list of flooders/booters
/follow [user]follow user
/followstop following
show your buddy list
/friend [user]
  /buddy [user]
add/remove user to buddy/friend list
/goto [user]join 'user' in whatever chat room they are currently in
/helpshort command help screen
/historydisplay command history
/ignore [user]ignore/un-ignore user
/image [file_name]display (preview) the image 'file_name' in the 'Chat' window; 'file_name' is the name of an image on the local hard-drive and should not contain spaces; the image is scaled to fit the screen if necessary and only visible to you
/invite [user]
  /call [user]
  /inv [user]
invite the user to the current room
/join [room]join the room
/lastlist last 10 users to leave room
/last_commentslist last comment/action for each user
/leaveleave the current room or conference (go to nowhere)
/mailshow a preview of your Yahoo Mail messages (Inbox)
/mute [user]mute/un-mute user for this session
/onlineprint time online
/profile [user]show user's profile
logout and quit Gyach-E
/reconnectdisconnect then auto-reconnect
/regex [regex]add/remove regex to auto-ignore list
/regex_test "text" [regex]test the specified text (quotes required) against given regex
/rejoinleave the current room and come right back in (cannot be a conference)
/reloadreload ignore and alias lists
/revoke [user]revoke another user's right to have you on their buddy list - take your name off their list
/tell [user] [text]
  /pm [user] [text]
send PM to user
/temp-friend-add [user]add user to your temporary buddy list
/temp-friend-remove [user]remove user from your temporary buddy list
/think [text]
  /t [text]
. o O( think text )
/unalias [alias]delete alias
/unignore [user]un-ignore user
/unmute [user]un-mute user
/url [url]paste url as a clickable link
paste Gyach ENHANCED version and url
/viewcam [user]view a user's webcam (Requires GyachE-Webcam or pYWebCam)
! [command]
  /exec [command]
execute command and post results to the current chat room or conference
!! [command]
  /execlocal [command]
execute command and display results locally
s: [term]search the web for 'term' and show the results on the 'My Yahoo!' tab

Shortcuts for commonly used commands:
/aw - /away
/inv - /invite /call
/al - /alias
/j - /join
/cl - /clear /cls
/l - /last
/f - /find
/pm - /tell
/fr - /friend /buddy
/pr - /profile
/g - /goto
/q - /quit /exit
/ig - /ignore
/t - /think
/e - /emote
/v - /ver

PM (Instant Message) Window Commands:
  /adv - Send Gyach-E URL info
  /clear - Clear the PM window
  /clr - Clear the PM window
  /e - Send *emote* text
  /t - Send . o O ( think ) text
  /date - show current data/time locally
  /time - show current data/time locally
  s: [term] - search the web for 'term' and share results with the other PM user
  /ver - Send Gyach-E URL info
  /help - Show PM help

* NOTE*: The PM window automatically begins deleting old lines after the window exceeds 9kb of data in order to ensure fast performance. If you wish to save the entirety of the PM conversation, be sure to turn PM logging on by clicking the 'Save' button on the PM window's toolbar.

For new users, it is NOT necessary to memorize the list of commands shown above. Almost all of these features are available on the menus, etc. The commands remain available for advanced users and people who simply like typing chat commands. ;-)

If you have problems connecting due to several 'Incorrect Password' messages and are SURE you are entering your password correctly, it is possible Yahoo has changed the login routine. If you are getting messages saying that your 'account is locked', first try logging into your Yahoo! account at If something is wrong with your Yahoo account, their website will tell you and you will need to correct the problem over at their website by following whatever instructions they provide you. Once you are able to successfully login into your Yahoo! account over at Yahoo's web site, try to login again using Gyach-E. If the problem continues, and you continue to receive 'Incorrect 'Password' error messages, it is likely that Yahoo has changed its login system and Gyach-E will need to be updated to accomodate the change. Check the Gyach-E website to see if there is a new release available that fixes the login problem you are experiencing: If there is a newer version of Gyach-E available, newer than the version you are currently using, download and install the latest version from the website above. If a new release is not currently available, it is probably on its way. In the meantime, you may try using one of the 'web login' servers to connect to Yahoo. The 'web login' servers appear at the end of the list of servers in the Login window and start with the name 'WEB LOGIN'. There are a few things you should know about using 'web login' servers: This is an experimental, BACKUP connection method, supporting only PMs and conferences. This method does not allow you to login as invisible, change your away status, or add/remove buddies on your buddy list. Several other major features may also be unavailable. As of version 1.0.5, you can access chat rooms when connected via 'web login' using the YCHT (Java) protocol, which does not support chat 'nicknames' or quick profiles. If you just want to chat and have no need for conferences and instant messaging, you can also connect using one of the 'YCHT' servers in the list. If you connect using the YCHT (Java) protocol only, you will not have access to webcams, chat 'nicknames' or quick profiles. Generally speaking, advanced Yahoo features will be missing when connected using the 'web login' or 'ycht' methods: Audibles, imvironments, avatars, buddy images, etc. In addition, the 'web login' and 'ycht' servers are notoriously unreliabled: Sometimes they are up and running, sometimes they are not, and don't be surprised if you are disconnected frequently. You should only use 'web login' servers if all other servers fail. These can be used as backups until the main connection methods are fixed by the program maintainer.
If you keep getting 'booted' (someone is sending you stuff that is disconnecting you from Yahoo), there are a few things you can try to avoid this annoyance. First, click 'Setup' on the Gyach-E menu, then click the 'Protection' tab. In the 'Privacy and Security' section make sure that BOTH 'basic boot prevention' and 'advanced boot prevention' are checked. Also, make sure the option named 'Only friends may add me to their buddy list' is checked. In the section below, 'Allow PMs, invitations, and files from:', make sure that ONLY 'Friends' is checked. If you continue to get booted, you should try staying invisible for a little while. Finally, if you ONLY want to use the chat rooms and have no need for conferences and advanced features at the moment, try connecting using one of the 'YCHT' servers in the Login window. These servers use the YCHT (Java) chat protocol, and, when connected to them, it is nearly impossible to be booted. If you connect using the YCHT (Java) protocol only, you will not have access to webcams, chat 'nicknames' or quick profiles; however, voice chat is available in the chat rooms if the room supports it. Generally speaking, advanced Yahoo features will be missing when connected using the 'ycht' method: Audibles, imvironments, avatars, buddy images, etc. You should also read the section in this document 'HELP ON PRIVACY AND STEALTH SETTINGS' for more information about staying invisible from people who might be 'booting' you.
Often on Yahoo! you will see screen names enter a chat and do nothing other than post advertisements for porn web sites, get-rich-quick schemes, etc. Many times these 'spam-bots' will even send you PMs with advertisements. To limit the spam you see in chats and PMs, click 'Configuration' on the menu, then click the 'Protection' tab. Under 'Spam Protection' be sure that 'Enable Spam Protection' is checked. Note: Enabling spam protection also automatically mutes Yahoo! 'guest' users and users, since the vast majority of such 'guest' users are in fact 'spam-bots'. Since 'spam-bots' change names and make new names frequently, it is a bad idea to try to 'ignore' every spam-bot you see. Instead, enabling spam protection 'mutes' spammers for the duration of the current Gyach Enhanced session, preventing your Ignore list from becoming too large. Currently, the spam protection feature is very effective, muting well over 95% of chat and PM spammers. Spam protection has also been extended to cover the text sent with 'Audibles', as it is only a matter of time before spammers start sending 'Audible' spam. If you notice that Gyach-E keeps auto-muting a user that you do not wish to have auto-muted, you may make this user 'immune' to auto-muting by LEFT-clicking on the user's name in the list of chat room users, then clicking 'Do Not Auto-Mute' on the popup menu that appears. You may also disable Spam protection by doing the following: Click 'Configuration' on the menu, then click the 'Protection' tab. Under 'Spam Protection' be sure that 'Enable Spam Protection' is NOT checked. (Disabling Spam protection is NOT recommended.)
If you believe someone has placed you on their buddy list without your permission (perhaps a stalker?), or you no longer wish to be on a person's buddy list, you can REMOVE yourself from his/her buddy list by clicking 'Tools', then 'Yahoo! Privacy Settings...' on the menu. In the box titled 'Remove my name from this user's buddy list:', type the name of the user whose buddy list you wish to be removed from. Then, click the 'OK' button next to the box. In addition, you should type the person's name in the box titled 'I am permanently offline to this user:', then click the 'OK' button next to that box. To prevent strangers from being able to see when you are online, you should also make sure the following boxes in the 'Yahoo! Privacy Settings...' window are NOT checked: 'Allow users to see when I am in Games.' and 'Allow Yahoo! websites to show when I'm online.'. Finally, click the 'OK' button at the very bottom of the 'Yahoo! Privacy Settings...' window. Note: If you remove a friend from your buddy list, you will automatically be given an option to remove yourself from their buddy list as well.

To make yourself selectively visible/invisible to a friend on your buddy list, select the friend's name on your buddy list, click the right mouse button once, then select 'Stealth Settings...' from the popup-menu. With this feature, you may appear 'offline' to all friends except the ones you choose to appear visible to, or appear temporarily or permanently 'offline' to certain friends who have become a nuisance.

For more privacy and security options, click 'Setup' on the menu, then click the 'Protection' tab. Be sure to pay close attention to the 'Privacy and Security' section.

You can temporarily allow a specific person all the privileges of people on your friends list WITHOUT having to add them to your real buddy list. They will not appear on your buddy list, and their buddy privileges end after you close GYach Enhanced or remove their 'temporary' friend status. Temporary friends are given almost all the privileges of a person on your real buddy list provided you don't have them on 'ignore'. A person who is on your real buddy list may NOT be added as a 'temporary' friend. This feature is useful if you wish to accept a PM, file, chat invitation, etc. from a particular user without having to add them to your real buddy list and without having to open your PMs to everybody in the room or everybody on Yahoo. You may manage your list of temporary friends by clicking 'Tools' -> 'Temporary Friends...' on the Gyach Enhanced menu.
As of version 1.0.4, Gyach Enhanced supports Buddy Images. Buddy Images are the pictures displayed on the right side of the PM window. The official Yahoo! program added support for Buddy Images with the release of Messenger 6. (You must have PM windows enabled to use Buddy Images.) You should see 2 squares on the right side of your PM window denoting images, possibly 'blank' images. To change, show, hide, or configure your Buddy image, click the bottom image box and follow the instructions in the window that appears. Please note that all Buddy Images are scaled to a size of 96x96 pixels and converted to 96-128 color PNG images. (Yahoo requires these dimensions.) You MUST have the ImageMagick executable named 'convert' on your path to use this feature: Most modern linux systems already have it.
Gyach Enhanced supports both viewing webcams and sending webcam images to other users. If it appears your copy of Gyach Enhanced did not come with webcam capabilities, you may download and install the Gyach-E Webcam Utilities. Be sure to read the instructions and system requirements on the website carefully. Currently, only cameras compatible with the Video4Linux (V4L) version 1 standard are supported. The webcam broadcasting utility has been extensively tested with an OV511+ USB camera and is likely to perform well with those types of cameras (I can't speak for other camera models). Generally speaking, you can access all of the necessary webcam features from the 'Tools' menu in the main window as well as the menu in any PM window.
GYach Enhanced is designed to use the pY! Voice Chat program for voice chat features. You may obtain a copy of pY! Voice Chat at if you don't already have a copy of the software. To use pY! Voice Chat in a chat room or conference room, enter the room of your choice. Then, click 'Rooms' -> 'Enable Voice Chat' on the menu. Next, click 'Rooms' -> 'Start pY! Voice Chat' on the GYach Enhanced menu. To use pY! Voice Chat in a PM (still experimental), click the Voice Chat button on the PM (Private Message) window. Next, click 'Rooms' -> 'Start pY! Voice Chat' on the GYach Enhanced menu. Once pY! Voice Chat has started, click the 'On' button to start the voice chat. NOTE: Anytime you exit pY! Voice Chat, you will need to re-enable voice chat by clicking 'Rooms' -> 'Enable Voice Chat' on the GYach Enhanced menu (for chat rooms and conference rooms), or by clicking the Voice Chat button on the PM box (for private messages.)
Gyach Enhanced is the first (or, one of the first) Linux applications to allow sending instant messages to multiple Yahoo users. To send a single message to several of your friends, click 'Tools' -> 'Send Instant Message to Many' on the menu, then follow the instructions in the window that appears. The window allows for messages up to 400 bytes to be sent friends and is NOT intended to be used as a spamming tool. You may send your message to up to 8 users at one time.
TUXVironments are Gyach-E's interpretation of Yahoo's IMVironments (tm) backgrounds for PM conversations. Audibles are animations with sound sent in PM conversations. If you would like to be able to use TUXVironments and Audibles, you must download and install the LATEST 'Media-Package' file available in the Download Area. Follow the installation instructions for information on how to install/update the Media package. The Media package is separate from the rest of Gyach-E, so you can freely upgrade your Media package at anytime without necessarily having to upgrade all of Gyach-E. The Photo TUXVironment is a plugin which fully implements the Photo IMVironment(tm) available on the Windows version of Y! Messenger. It allows you to share a photo album (and browse it together) with a friend in an instant messaging window. To use it, you must first go to and create one or more photo albums if you don't already have some created. (If you plan on sharing your own photos with another person.) Note: I did NOT illegally decompile/disassemble the Windows version of the Photo IMVironment to make one for Gyach-E: The Gyach-E version is the result of network monitoring and old-fashioned trial and error. If your copy of Gyach-E did not come with the Photo TUXVironment, you may obtain the plugin from the Download Area and follow the installation instructions.
In the 'Setup' window, you should see a configuration option named 'Flash Player Cmd' on the 'Options' tab. This command is used mainly for playing avatar animations when you choose to view a buddy's avatar or your own avatar. I personally recommend using the official stand-alone Flash player from Macromedia, called gflashplayer. You can find gflashplayer at the following sites: and (look for the 'flash-gflashplayer' package). These links lead to binary packages for Intel-based systems. A less stable option is 'swf_play', available at the SWFDec website: (Personally, I think that one needs PLENTY of work, and it appears to be 'unmaintained'.)
In the 'Setup' window, you should see a configuration option named 'MP3 Player Cmd' on the 'Options' tab. This command is used mainly for playing the sounds which accompany 'Audible' animations in PM conversations. You really need to use a command-line player for this option, a player that does NOT require a user interface. (In other words, avoid things like XMMS, since you probably don't want copies of XMMS popping open everytime somebody sends you an Audible.) The 2 command-line players I recommend are: mplayer and mpg123. If you choose to use 'mplayer', I recommend you use a command like mplayer -ao esd -quiet, as it will enable you to continue to hear Gyach Enhanced sound events even if an Audible is playing, and vice versa.
You can get customized news headlines sent right to Gyach-E. Gyach-E has full support for Yahoo 'News Alerts.' You may configure the type of news headlines you wish to see by going to