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A full-featured Yahoo client for LINUX with voice chat and webcam support. Mission: To focus on thorough Y! support on Linux only. Philosophy: Trying to do multi-protocol / cross-platform clients slows progress and results in half-baked support - One protocol, one OS...done well.       Support Forum

LATEST NEWS [3/13/2006]: Several bug fixes and updates have been added to the Gyach-E CVS Repository. A formal release of version 1.0.8 is on the way as time allows.
NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
NEWS [04/04/2005]: Gyach Enhanced 1.0.7 is available: A major bug which could cause repeated disconnections has been fixed, and handling of the Yahoo mobile messenger buddy group has been improved. Webcam broadcasting support has been extended to include several additional camera devices. The spam control module has been updated, and the login window's interface has been improved. Several minor updates to IMVironment support and other features have been made. THANKS to Mark Alexander (marka ['at'] and Natanael Copa (n ['at'] for the patches they have contributed for webcam support.   List of NEW FEATURES.   DOWNLOAD   Installation Help
NEWS [04/04/2005]: Gyach-E Webcam Utilities version 0.4 is now available for Download: Webcam broadcasting support has been extended to include several additional camera devices. THANKS to Mark Alexander (marka ['at'] and Natanael Copa (n ['at'] for the patches they contributed for OV519 and Logitech Quickcam for Notebook Pro devices.

GYach Enhanced

GYach Enhanced in a greatly improved version of the original GYach. It is an unofficial 'fork' of the GYach project.

DO NOT E-MAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS, REQUESTS FOR HELP, OR REQUESTS FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT REGARDING ANY OF THE SOFTWARE ON THIS SITE: NO EXCEPTIONS. You will only receive automated responses. No technical support is being offered to the general public. Remember, the GNU General Public License entitles you to free software, but it does not indicate you are entitled to or 'owed' free tech support. This software is distributed as-is, with No Warranty. GYach Enhanced, pY! Voice Chat, and PyTSP are NOT endorsed by or affiliated with Yahoo! (tm) or DSP Group's TrueSpeech (tm) in anyway whatsoever.

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The original version of GYach ( was written by Chris Pinkham. GYach Enhanced has voice chat support and is designed to work with pY! Voice Chat. The ENHANCED version of GYach includes many of the features one would expect to see on the Windows Yahoo client, hopefully without the bugs. I liked original GYach over all other Yahoo chat clients for Linux, but there were too many of Yahoo's features missing. GYach enhanced is an attempt to give Linux users many of the features you would have/see running the Windows Yahoo client - hopefully, without duplicating the bugs and clumsy interface of the Windows client and without treating the user like they are a complete idiot. I loved GYach, but I got REALLY tired of connecting to Yahoo chat rooms on Linux and constantly having to tell my friends "oh, sorry, my program doesn't support that feature - wait, let me get on Windows." To get a feel of GYach enhanced, see the screenshots. GYach enhanced comes with foreign language support and a Spanish translation. If you would like to translate Gyach Enhanced into your own language, grab the latest Gettext translation file here, add your translations, and email it back to me.

NOTE: The greatly improved font support uses hard-coded font settings which are used to 'recommend' fonts similar to the ones requested if an exact match is not found on your system (this is as of version 1.0.3). To get the BEST experience out of Gyach Enhanced, you should download and install BOTH of the 'font' packages available in the download area. These packages are NO LONGER ESSENTIAL to properly run Gyach-E (as of version 1.0.3), but it is highly recommended that you install the 'font' packages as it will greatly increase Gyach Enhanced abilities to 'interpret' incoming fonts to similar fonts on your system if an exact match is not available. The packages contain TrueType (TTF) fonts which you will need to install on your system (XFS, or whatever you use to make the fonts accessible to Gtk - how you do this is YOUR business, don't ask me for help.) Using the Gyach-E font packages is highly recommended, but not absolutely necessary as of Gyach-E version 1.0.3. If you are using Gyach-E version 1.0.2 or earlier, the 'font' packages are *required* for running Gyach-E. See the 'README' file below for specifics on GYach Enhanced capabilities, limitations, and system requirements.


- VOICE CHAT: Gyach Enhanced is designed to work with pY! Voice Chat, making GYach Enhanced and pY! Voice Chat the FIRST software supporting Yahoo voice chat on Linux systems (everybody that said it couldn't be done, were just too lazy to TRY.)
- WEB CAM SUPPORT: Both viewing webcams AND sending webcam streams to other users: The program features 2 webcam viewers and one webcam broadcaster.
- Gyach Enhanced is also the first Yahoo application for Linux with support for the vast majority of the new features added to the Windows Y! Messenger 6: Display Images in the PM window, Avatars, Audibles, and Stealth Settings.
- Encrypted messaging support (11 encryption types so far)
- Support for Yahoo 'nicknames' like you see on Windows, sometimes user 'tommy1985' comes in under the nickname 'Randolf'...everybody on Windows would see 'Randolf' but people on Linux looked stupid calling the user 'tommy1985' and the rest of the room was wondering who the hell we were addressing. UNLIKE Windows, in the list of chat room members, you can see BOTH the user's real screen name and their 'nickname' (so you easily know who to ignore or mute if necessary.)
- Faders (preliminary, but works fairly well) ...see other people's faders and 'ALT' tags
- A fader YOU can use, now you can send text using a fader with cool color instead of the cheesy standard colors
- Full Yahoo! Address Book support
- Preliminary support for Yahoo 'conferences' - these are different from chat rooms: You can now start a conference, invite friends, join a conference, etc.
- True support for other people's colors (not the same old 5-6 colors you would see over and over in the original GYach.)
- Better support for other people's fonts, with control over font sizes to avoid microscopic text and large 'billboards' on the screen, fonts are mapped to a 'concept' - loading fonts on the system that look like what the other user is trying to send (even if that exact font isn't available on our system.)
- Foreign language support, with a Spanish language translation already complete
- A basic buddy list (on it's own tab)
- The ability to create Yahoo rooms with features you want, using a room-creation interface similar to the one on Windows
- Preliminary support for peer-to-peer file transfer
- Easy-access buttons and menu items for getting user profiles, sending files. inviting people to rooms
- A completely over-hauled user interface, eliminated almost all fixed positions, and dammit, it just looks much prettier.
- A 'smiley' selection window next to the 'send' boxes
- Complete over-hauled PM and 'Find text...' dialog boxes.
- Added color, font, and smiley support to PM windows.
- Each users age-sex-location is displayed (if it's available in their profile.) as they enter the room.
- Dialog boxes are used for error messages, mail alerts, or when a file has been sent to you.
- Support for 'buzzing' a user and receiving 'buzzes' when someone wants to get your attention.
- A better choice of colors for enter/leave messages - the ugly bright lime greens and flaming bright reds are gone.
- The Help window now displays some HELP.
- Almost all features are now accessible from buttons and menu items, eliminating the need for memorizing a bunch of '/' commands (we're not on IRC anymore!), though the '/' commands are still supported for those who want to use them.
- Dialog boxes when network connections fail: logins, getting room lists, etc.
- Better handling of failed Yahoo login attempts: Unlike the old GYach, you are TOLD your login has failed, and if possible, why (locked account, bad password, etc.)
- The user interface is now a 'notebook' with 2 tabs: Chat and Buddies, so you can see a REAL buddy list that you can click on instead of seeing your list of buddies uselessly printed on the chat window.
- Buttons and menu items to access useful things like PM windows, file transfer, profiles, add/remove a buddy, etc. (again, eliminating the need for '/' commands.) - also, the Buddy list tab let's you see the 'status' of your buddies.
- Accept/send voice chat invitations
- Notification of webcam invites
- Notification when friends enter/leave Yahoo Games.
- Lots of other features, check the screen shots...

Encryption Support:

Gyach Enhanced currently provides 3 plugins for encrypted instant messaging conversations, for a total of 11 supported encryption methods, including 2 variations of Blowfish encryption. The encryption plugins are distributed seperately, since certain encryption algorithms are not legal in all countries. To enable encryption in your version of Gyach Enhanced, you must download and install one of the 'Encryption-Plugins' packages available in the
download area. Here's a summary of the encryption support:

GPG / GPGMe encryption plugin ( provides support for sending unsigned, encrypted/ascii-armored messages, Requirements: GPGMe 0.3.16 or better; tested on gpgme 0.3.16, GPG 1.0.7) - fairly stable. A pre-compiled version (Intel/i586) of GPGme is available in the download area (scroll to the bottom to the 'Supplemental Packages' section.)

MCrypt encryption plugin (provides support for a variety of encryption/encoding methods: XTea, Blowfish, Twofish, Tripledes, Gost, Cast-128, Cast-256, RC6, and Loki97 ; Requirements: MCrypt/libMCrypt 2.5.2-22 or better, tested on MCrypt 2.5.2-22 ) - experimental

Basic Blowfish encryption plugin (GyachE Blowfish-Internal, uses a public domain implementation of Blowfish) - experimental

Be aware that use of these encryption plugins may not be legal in all jurisdictions, especially terrorist countries: I take no responsiblity if you use these encryption plugins in violation of your local, state, or federal laws. The encryption works for instant messages ONLY: You cannot encrypt conferences and chat rooms!

For more information about Encryption support in Gyach Enhanced: Encrypted Messaging Support
(DO NOT e-mail for help using encryption in Gyach Enhanced.)

  Neither GYach Enhanced nor its author
  are in anyway endorsed by or 
  affiliated with Yahoo! (tm) or 
  DSP Group's TrueSpeech (tm).
  Yahoo! (tm) is a registered 
  trademark of Yahoo! 
  Communications.  TrueSpeech (tm)
  is a registered trademark of 
  DSP Group. The TrueSpeech (tm)
  codec and format are patented 
  by DSP Group.

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Encrypted Messaging Support
Gyach Enhanced Webcam Support


GYach Enhanced - In a chat room: faders, nicknames (version 1.0.3)   [Click to enlarge]

GYach Enhanced - In another chat room: faders, nicknames, stats (version 1.0.3)   [Click to enlarge]

GYach Enhanced - The built-in buddy list tab (version 1.0.4)   [Click to enlarge]

GYach Enhanced - Create A Room dialog (version 1.0.3)

GYach Enhanced - Improved PM interface, Fader, smiley, and Buddy Image support shown here, version 1.0.4)

GYach Enhanced - My Yahoo! support (version 1.0.3)   [Click to enlarge]

GYach Enhanced - Fader/Alt tag configuration dialog (version 1.0.4)


pY! Voice Chat, PyTSP, PyESD, Gyache-Webcam, Gyache-Broadcaster, and pY Web Cam are copyright (c) 2002-2005, Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] Gyach Enhanced is copyright (c) 2003-2005, Erica Andrews and copyright (c) 2000-2002, Chris Pinkham (cpinkham [at] Gyach Enhanced is neither endorsed by or assisted by the author of the original Gyach, Chris Pinkham. The Gyach Enhanced and the original Gyach are two separate software projects. GYach Enhanced, pY! Voice Chat, and PyTSP are NOT endorsed by or affiliated with Yahoo! (tm) or DSP Group's TrueSpeech (tm) in anyway whatsoever. pY! Voice Chat, PyTSP, PyESD, Gyache-Webcam, Gyache-Broadcaster, pY Web Cam, Gyach Enhanced, and the Gyach Enhanced plugins are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Last Update: 04/29/2005
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