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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [1/23/2004]: Attention Windows XP Users: The Windows .EXE for Pytho˝ol/PyBabelPhish does NOT run on Windows XP. However, it's known to run on Win98/95. So, XP users are just out of luck. Do NOT report this as a 'bug': the 'bug' is XP impersonating an operating system.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: Pytho˝ol 2.1 is now available: Major installation bug fix, Python 2.3 and Mac OS X compatibility, a database upgrade, and user interface improvements. A new Windows .exe binary is available for this release.  New features   New screenshots.   Download   This site has a new color scheme...finally!
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyBabelPhish 2.1 is available: A major installation bug fix and several user interface improvements.  New features   Download
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyPrint 0.3 now available: Finally ported to PyGtk-2, with several interface improvements.   New features.   Download.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyInstallShield 0.5.1 now available: Bug fixes and interface improvements.   New features.   Download.


The PyBabelPhish main window (Running on SuSE Linux)

PyBabelPhish is a simple Gtk-based frontend for several translation services available on the web. Through the use of these services, PyBabelPhish is able to provide full-text translations (full sentences, phrases, etc.). PyBabelPhish is written in 100% Python, does NOT require Gnome, but requires Gtk+ and PyGtk. Some languages have been removed from the list due to an inability to display certain foreign characters (especially Asian character sets). I am hopeful that support for Asian languages will be available in the future. PyBabelPhish is in NO way affiliated with or endorsed by the web-based translation services it accesses and should NOT be considered 'official' software from these companies. NO support is provided for PyBabelPhish. This software is free and open source under the Free Education Initiative License.

PyBabelPhish currently supports translation retrieval from the following online translation services: Google, Altavista - Babelfish, SysTranBox, Lingua-Phile, FreeTranslations, interNOSTRUM, Reverso, and Traductor Universia.

The translation service switcher. (Running on SuSE Linux)

PyBabelPhish is written in 100% Python and, therefore, requires NO COMPILING to fully function.

Major Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the application might refuse to retrieve translations when running on non-Linux/Unix systems such as Windows and Mac OS X. User interface improvements: Gtk stock icons have been added to all buttons, dialogs, and menus. The language selection menu is now wider, for easier reading. The 'set_usize' call for the window size has been removed, as it may have caused problems for some users. All translations services have been re-checked (all are known to be still working properly). Theme support added: Click 'File'-> 'Settings...' on the menu to manage the theme and font; This makes it easier for Windows and Mac OS X users to manage the appearance of PyBabelPhish, and users of all operating systems can simply copy or link their favorite Gtk-2 themes into the ./theme/gtk/ subdirectory. (Many themes require 'theme engines'; these are already included in the Windows .exe binary, and other users can easily find and compile them for their system.) PyBabelPhish now applys themes on ALL operating systems, not just Windows/non-Linux systems. PyBabelPhish is now known to run on the Mac OS X operating system, and a new Windows .exe is available for this release (bundled with Pythonol). External pixmaps have been removed from the Spanish Letters Toolbar (regular character Labels are now used), and a new 'Clear All Text' button has been added to the toolbar which clears all the text from the associated text entry or text box. Bug Fix: Encoding specifications have been added to all python modules to prevent the warning on the console about 'unknown encoding' when running Pythonol on Python version 2.3. The copyright and about box has been updated to accomodate the New Year.

Every copy of Pytho˝ol comes with an embedded version of PyBabelPhish (known as the 'Translate' module within Pytho˝ol). However, standalone versions of PyBabelPhish are also available for Linux/Unix, Windows, and any platform capable of running Python 2.2 or higher, Gtk+ (version 2.0.0 or better), and PyGtk-2 (version 1.99/2.00 or better required). Nevertheless, PyBabelPhish was designed for LINUX/UNIX, with Linux/Unix interests in mind first. See the
PyBabelPhish Help File if you need help on using PyBabelPhish.

Main PyBabelPhish Window (Stand-alone mode) - on Windows 98

PyBabelPhish currently supports the following language translations (NOTE: Many of the more obscure languages like Icelandic, Gaelic, Basque, etc. are only supported in modest, experimental ways by the translation services. Languages like Spanish, German, English, French, etc. are more fully supported.):

Afrikaans to English
Alawa to English
Albanian to English
Arrernte to English
Basque to English
Belarusian to English
Bulgarian to English
Catalan to English
Catalan to Spanish
Croatian to English
Czech to English
Danish to English
Dutch to English
Dutch to French
English to Dutch
English to French
English to German
English to Italian
English to Norwegian
English to Portuguese
English to Spanish
Esperanto to English
Estonian to English
Finnish to English
French to Dutch
French to English
French to German
French to Italian
French to Portuguese
French to Spanish
Gaelic to English
Galician to English
German to English
German to French
Greek to English
Hawaiian to English
Hungarian to English
Icelandic to English
Indonesian to English
Interlingua to English
Italian to English
Italian to French
Kala Lagaw Ya to English
Korean to English
Kriol to English
Latvian to English
Lithuanian to English
Malay to English
Maltese to English
Maori to English
Marshallese to English
Norwegian to English
Pitjantjatjara to English
Polish to English
Portuguese to English
Portuguese to French
Romanian to English
Russian to English
Samoan to English
Serbian to English
Slovakian to English
Slovenian to English
Spanish to Catalan
Spanish to English
Spanish to French
Swahili to English
Swedish to English
Tagalog to English
Thai to English
Tok Pisin to English
Turkish to English
Ukrainian to English
Warlpiri to English
Welsh to English

Specific Information About Running This Application On YOUR Operating System:
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Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, and PyInstallShield are Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] See the license section for a copy of the licenses these programs are distributed under. Any use, modification, or redistribution of Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, or PyInstallShield, or their components, not in accordance with their respective license is strictly prohibited. Neither the author of this software, nor any of the software itself, is endored by, supported by, or in any way affiliated with the authors of any of the following: PySQLite, SQLiite, Festival.

Last Update: April 29, 2005

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