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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [1/23/2004]: Attention Windows XP Users: The Windows .EXE for Pytho˝ol/PyBabelPhish does NOT run on Windows XP. However, it's known to run on Win98/95. So, XP users are just out of luck. Do NOT report this as a 'bug': the 'bug' is XP impersonating an operating system.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: Pytho˝ol 2.1 is now available: Major installation bug fix, Python 2.3 and Mac OS X compatibility, a database upgrade, and user interface improvements. A new Windows .exe binary is available for this release.  New features   New screenshots.   Download   This site has a new color scheme...finally!
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyBabelPhish 2.1 is available: A major installation bug fix and several user interface improvements.  New features   Download
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyPrint 0.3 now available: Finally ported to PyGtk-2, with several interface improvements.   New features.   Download.
LATEST NEWS [1/22/2004]: PyInstallShield 0.5.1 now available: Bug fixes and interface improvements.   New features.   Download.

PARENTS, GUARDIANS, AND EDUCATORS: Please see the section Making Pytho˝ol Child-Friendly for information about making your copy of Pytho˝ol more appropriate for users under the age of 18 and why such special copies are most suitable for younger users. Critical Update: If you are currently using a child-friendly version of Pytho˝ol 2.0, you should upgrade immediately to version 2.1 or higher, as version 2.0 has a bug which allows 'inappropriate' content into the databases. This problem has been fixed in version 2.1, and my apologies are offered to anyone inconvenienced by this problem. I will always work to keep Child-Friendly versions as clean and safe as possible.

Pytho˝ol is distributed free-of-charge, and open source, under the terms of the Free Education Initiative License.

Pytho˝ol is a Gtk-based, Linux application written in Pythonl and C. Pytho˝ol is an all-in-one Spanish-English language educational software package capable of running on Linux / Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X. The most important features of Pytho˝ol include: Verb conjugation, Spanish-English dictionary, Spanish-English thesaurus, Pronunciation, Verb Browser, Idioms, Quizzes, Full-text Translations, Reading Comprehension, Extensive animated Help, Printing capabilities, and Text-to-Speech support (Yes, Pytho˝ol TALKS!).   MORE DETAILED INFORMATION ON Pytho˝ol

Spanish 'Colors' Window - on SuSE Linux [More Screen Shots]

If you are a teacher or instructor using this software for your students, I would LOVE to hear from you. If you are using Pytho˝ol to teach students, please email me and let me know. I would be very pleased to know if some student somewhere is benefitting from Pytho˝ol. Suggestions, comments, and corrections are always welcome, especially from Spanish teachers/instructors and other linguistics experts.

Click To Enlarge: Vocabulary Quiz Window - on SuSE Linux [More Screen Shots]

NOTE: Pytho˝ol is a LINUX application. It was initially designed for Linux and will always be a Linux/Unix application FIRST. However, a ported version of Pytho˝ol has been created for Windows. Somebody I care about asked me for a Windows version, so I made one. However, Pytho˝ol for Windows has NOT been as extensively tested as Pytho˝ol for Linux. The Pytho˝ol Suite is also known to run on Mac OS X systems. Nevertheless, users of non-Linux operating systems should NOT expect the same stability and quality as the Linux version, and some features are missing in the Windows and Mac OS X versions (most notably, printing and speech support.) So users of Windows, Mac OS X, and other non-Linux operating systems should not expect complete perfection.

Click To Enlarge: Built-in Thesaurus - on SuSE Linux [More Screen Shots]

Specific Information About Running The Pytho˝ol Suite On YOUR Operating System:
          Linux / Unix   Windows   Mac OS X

Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, and PyInstallShield have been tested in the following environment: SuSe 8.1., Mandrake 8.2, Kernel 2.4.8-34 - 2.4.19, Glibc 2.2, Python 2.2, PyGTK 0.6.9-1 - 0.6.9-3 (for Pytho˝ol versions 1.1 and lower) and PyGtk-2 2.00 (for Pytho˝ol version 2.0 and above), Gtk+ 1.2.8-4 - Gtk+ 1.2.8-10 (for Pytho˝ol versions 1.1 and lower) and Gtk+ 2.0.0 (for Pytho˝ol version 2.0 and above). PyPrint has been tested with: LPRng 3.8.12, a2ps 4.13, ImageMagick 5.4.8, and Ghostscript 7.0.3. Older versions of Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, and PyInstallShield have been tested on Windows 98 running Python 2.1, Gtk 1.3.0, and PyGtk 0.6.9. Alot of Linux distributions have 'xalf' running - I have 'xalf' REMOVED from my system as it tended to make Python apps hang on startup and not run correctly. These applications run well with at least 64MB of memory and a pentium-grade processor or better. Some older computers I've gotten these applications to run well on include: an older CTX EzBook laptop with 64MB/233 Mhz/AMD Processor, Compact Presario 5050 64MB/333 Mhz/Celeron Processor (Pentium II equiv.), and an old box with 128MB/233 Mhz/Pentium I. No special graphics cards or hardware/3D accelerators are required.

Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, and PyInstallShield are Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at'] See the license section for a copy of the licenses these programs are distributed under. Any use, modification, or redistribution of Pytho˝ol, PyBabelPhish, PyPrint, or PyInstallShield, or their components, not in accordance with their respective license is strictly prohibited. Neither the author of this software, nor any of the software itself, is endored by, supported by, or in any way affiliated with the authors of any of the following: PySQLite, SQLiite, Festival.

Last Update: April 29, 2005

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