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A full-featured, multi-language, Gtk-based control panel targeted toward IceWM

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LATEST NEWS [4/29/2005]: These pages have just moved to a NEW SERVER. The site might be under construction for some time.
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: IceWMCP version 3.2 is now available. This release patches bugs that many users of Python 2.3 experienced. Support has been added for the latest features of IceWM 1.2.14 / 1.2.15. A French translation has been added, and the Russian translation has been updated. The IceMe menu editor now saves non-English characters in the menu file correctly. A big THANK YOU to the following people: French Translation Added By - Yves Perraudin (yploglib ['at'], Régis Décamps (decamps ['at'], and Simon Gauthier (joy3k ['at'] Russian Translation Updates By - Vasya a.k.a Vasiliy Leushin (basileus ['at'] Thank you all for your hard work and patience with me. :-)   DOWNLOAD   List of New Features
LATEST NEWS [8/18/2004]: The following applications have just been released: IcePref2 3.4, IcePref2 Theme Designer 3.2, PhrozenClock 3.2, IceSoundManager 3.2, GtkPCCard 1.6, and IceWMCP Tray Icon Plug-in 0.2   Download



Added the following NEW FEATURES (3/05/2004 - 8/17/2004):

- Version is now 3.4
- French Help file has been added; Thanks to Régis Décamps (decamps ['at'] and Yves Perraudin (yploglib ['at']
- Russian translation updated; Thanks to Vasya Leushin (basileus ['at']
- The following options are now saved in ~/.prefoverride: TitleFontNameXft, MenuFontNameXft, StatusFontNameXft, QuickSwitchFontNameXft, NormalButtonFontNameXft,ActiveButtonFontNameXft, NormalTaskBarFontNameXft, ActiveTaskBarFontNameXft, ToolButtonFontNameXft, NormalWorkspaceFontNameXft, ActiveWorkspaceFontNameXft, MinimizedWindowFontNameXft, ListBoxFontNameXft, ToolTipFontNameXft, ClockFontNameXft, ApmFontNameXft, InputFontNameXft, LabelFontNameXft (This means that themes cannot tamper with these important settings; This is supported in IceWM version 1.2.14/1.2.15; This effectively stops themes from changing things like your fonts and workspace names)
- Added support for the following new configurable IceWM options: 'RolloverButtonsSupported', 'ColorCPUStatusIoWait','ColorCPUStatusSoftIrq', 'NestedThemeMenuMinNumber','TaskBarCPUDelay','TaskBarNetSamples', 'TaskBarNetDelay','MenuIconSize', 'SmallIconSize','LargeIconSize','HugeIconSize', 'KeyWinArrangeN','KeyWinArrangeNE','KeyWinArrangeE', 'KeyWinArrangeSE', 'KeyWinArrangeS','KeyWinArrangeSW','KeyWinArrangeW', 'KeyWinArrangeNW','KeyWinArrangeC','KeySysShowDesktop','KeyWinMaximizeHoriz'
- This release patches bugs that many users of Python 2.3 experienced while attempting to run the applications. In addition, this release adds support for the latest changes and features of IceWM versions 1.2.14 and 1.2.15. This release also features Russian translation updates and French Help file additions.
- Patched a number of bugs that could cause IcePref2 to not run properly (or at all) under Python 2.3 (including the 'True'/'False' strings showing up in configuration files and 'encoding' warnings).

Added the following NEW FEATURES (12/19/2003 - 12/24/2003):

- Version is now 3.3
- Major bug fix for stand-alone installation packages: A major installation bug has been fixed by upgrading the installer from PyInstallShield 0.4 to PyInstallShield 0.5.
- A (partial) French translation has been added by Yves Perraudin (yploglib ['at']; status: about 50% complete
- Major font loading bug fix: Major bugs in the PangoXLFD module which could lead to complete application crashes have been fixed; Pango font description validation method 'get_valid_pango_font_desc' from module is now called when selecting a font to ensure safer fallbacks if necessary instead of complete application crashes
- Bug Fix: Changed launching of external applications to use common method 'fork_process' from icewmcp_common and common variable 'BASH_SHELL_EXEC' to implement Bash shell location probing to fix BUG NUMBER 1523884 reported by david ['-at-'] on Fri Oct 31 23:47:12 2003 about applets and applications failing to launch if the user was not using Bash as their shell. This improves the launching of external applications such as IceMe, IcePref2, IceWMCP, and IceSoundManager; also, it improves the restarting of IceWM and icewmbg
- Bug fix: Fixed a bug where correct colors samples were not always shown when default values were reset, a new preferences file was loaded, or "Run As Root" was toggled unless the color selection dialog was opened for each color; added overridden method 'set_value' to the IceColor widget class.
- Bug Fix / Correction: Mis-labeled property 'ColorActiveWorkspaceButtonText' in the 'Workspace' category has had its description changed from 'Color of inactive workspace button text' to 'Color of active workspace button text' . (Translators: Please update your language catalogs!) The Spanish and French translation catalogs have already been updated accordingly.
- Fixed: all 'icepref-*' shell startup scripts now force the use of the needed /bin/bash shell

Added the following NEW FEATURES (10/15/2003 - 12/11/2003):

- Version is now 3.2
- The application has been ported to PyGtk-2/Gtk-2.
- IcePref2 is now compatible with IceWM 1.2.13, with support for the following new options added: DesktopBackgroundScaled, TaskBarShowShowDesktopButton, TaskBarWorkspacesLeft, DoubleBuffer
- Tearoff menus have been disabled due to a seg-fault I kept experiencing in PyGtk 2.0.0. All of my apps were seg-faulting when Tearoff menus were clicked. I don't know if this is a bug in PyGtk-2, or what, but I refuse to leave a feature in that's causing a known seg-fault.
- The 'Run As Root' CheckButton on the 'File' menu has been replaced with an appropriate 'CheckMenuItem' object
- The 'sample' text now has line breaks
- Some tricks had to be done to convert to/from the XLFD font strings needed by IceWM and the new "font description" format used by Pango and Gtk-2 font selection dialogs: The Font selection widgets now rely on the new module 'pangoxlfd'
- Since Gtk-2 font selection dialogs are no longer returning and accepting XLFD-style font strings like '-adobe-courier-medium-r-*-*-*-140-*-*-*-*-*-*', and Gtk-2 leaves you with NO way of getting such strings from a font dialog, all we can do is hope the home-spun conversion library 'pangoxlfd' does its job; however, this may create some bugs in font selection for some users. Sorry. I tried putting Pango-style 'font descriptions' like "Arial 12" in the IceWM preferences file: It does not work! So, we have to use XLFD font descriptions.
- Feature enhancement: When IcePref2 starts or a new preferences file is opened, the currently configured IceWM theme is now actually selected and scrolled to in the Themes section.
- Drag-and-drop color support no longer requires the hidden ColorSelection window which had been used for so long; DND color support now handles 'application/x-color' items using the Python 'binascii' module and some other tricks
- Fixed a bug where clicking on a color selection button could result in an uncaught TraceBack error if the color specified in the text entry was not a valid color; The color selection dialog should now always open regardless of what has been typed in the text entry
- The text entry in the Font selection widgets now only updates the sample text for the font after the Enter/Return key is pressed, instead of updating the font everytime a keystroke was made in the text entry field. - The IcePref2 logo is now slightly smaller
- Improved scaling of the sample wallpaper image in the Desktop section
- The application now offers a built-in window icon (which, of course, can be changed in IceWM)
- GUI improvement: Gtk stock icons have been added to any buttons
- 4 new translatable strings has been added to the gettext catalog; 4 new Spanish translations added

Added the following NEW FEATURES (8/15/2003 - 9/2/2003):

- Version is now 3.1
- IcePref2 is now compatible with IceWM 1.2.10/1.2.11
- Clicking the 'Apply' button now also launches 'icewmbg' (if it's not already running) in addition to 'killall -HUP icewm' to ensure that any new background images/colors are set (this appears to be needed by the new IceWM 1.2.10/1.2.11) This should not create any incompatibilities with earlier versions of IceWM 1.2.x, This affects the 'Desktop' tab of IcePref2 where the background image and color are selected.
- IceWM 1.2.10/1.2.11 theme compatibility added: IcePref2 now writes the selected theme in the file ~/.icewm/theme in the format 'Theme=/some/dir/someTheme/default.theme' now required by IceWM 1.2.10/1.2.11 for saving theme preferences. This affects the 'Theme' tab of IcePref2 where themes are selected. This should not create any incompatibilities with earlier versions of IceWM 1.2.x.
- Added support for the following new IceWM preference options: 'MoveSizeInterior', 'MoveSizeDimensionLines', 'MoveSizeGaugeLines', 'MoveSizeDimensionLabels', 'MoveSizeGeometryLabels', 'FocusRequestFlashTime', 'moveSizeFontName'
- Fix: The 'XineramaPrimaryScreen' property now supports a range of 1-63 instead of 1-36
- Usability and Error-reporting improvement: Warnings about invalid properties in 'corrupt preferences' files are now shown in a scrollable popup window instead of on the console; all messages are now shown at once instead of each message being shown one at a time, this should speed up initial startup time in cases where the default preferences file in ~/.icewm/preferences contains lots of corrupt or 'invalid'/unknown IceWM options
- 7 Gettext translation string additions; Spanish language translation additions and a couple corrections
- Spanish language translation catalog cleanups: a couple of duplicates removed
- GUI Bug Fix: Fixed menu bug involving the 'Run As Root' menu checkbox under 'File'; Sometimes the menu would 'stick' and hold the focus after toggling "Run As Root" on/off; This bug has been fixed by replacing menu calls to 'popdown()' with 'deactivate()'.
- Russian translation updates and additions: Big thanks to Vasiliy Leushin (basileus['at']
- Russian language translation cleanups: removed duplicate translations from gettext catalog

Added the following NEW FEATURES (5/27/2003 - 6/22/2003):

- Version is now 3.0
- Traditional Chinese translation added (locale zh_TW); Big thanks to Chao-Hsiung Liao (pesder.liao['at']
- Russian help file added: Big thanks to Roman Shiryaev (mih_val['at']
- Russian translation updates; Big thanks to Vasiliy Leushin (basileus['at']
- Locale/translation cleanups: removed duplicate and obsolete msgid's from .pot file, removed duplicate and obsolete msgid's from .po/.mo translation catalogs
- Full compatibility with IceWM 1.2.8 (just released)
- Added support for new IceWM 1.2.8 preferences option 'EnableAddressBar' in the 'AddressBar' section
- Removed (temporarily??) the 'KeySysRun' option from the 'Key Bindings' section since IceWM 1.2.8 seems to no longer support the option and considers it a 'bad option'. It is bad that IceWM has removed the 'KeySysRun' option since it eliminates the key binding for the 'Run...' command. Work-around: Run IceWMCP Keyboard, click 'Shortcut Keys' and create a key binding for the 'Run...' command if you would like.
- No longer supporting both the old and new "Windows" key options (ModMetaIsCtrlAlt/ModSuperIsCtrlAlt). Converted completely over to the new official Windows key option name 'ModSuperIsCtrlAlt' as of IceWM 1.2.8. The old key for 'ModMetaIsCtrlAlt' in IceWM 1.2.7 and before is no longer supported. For IceWM 1.2.8 users, this will eliminate the console warning about the 'deprecated option' when starting IceWM. WARNING: Users of IceWM 1.2.7 using the latest version of IcePref2 may find their "Windows" keys suddenly stop working after using IcePref2 - this means that you need to UPGRADE to IceWM 1.2.8, or downgrade to IceWMCP 2.3 if the 'Windows' key-binding is important to you.
- 2 additions to the IcePref2 gettext foreign language support catalog; 2 additions to Spanish translations catalog; 1 addition to the Russian translations catalog
- Minor documentation updates (nothing major)
- Changed methods "ok" and "select" in the 'File' class to use new common file selection functionality in 'icewmcp_common' instead for uniform file selection, look, feel, and behavior
- Keyboard support improvement: All file selection dialog boxes can now be closed by simply pressing 'Esc'
- Added "Run As Root" functionality, useful for people with 'root' access such as sys admins: added new methods 'run_as_root' and "run_as_root_cb' to the 'Application' class; added 'File -> Run As Root' to the menu
- Keyboard shortcut change: Change the keyboard shortcut combo for 'File -> Reload Preferences File' from Ctrl+O to Ctrl+P (to accomodate new "open file" functionality)
- Added new functionality for opening ANY 'preferences' file anywhere on the system, with new methods 'open_preference_file' and 'open_preference_file_cb' in the 'Application' class.
- Added 'File -> Open IceWM Preferences File...' to the menu
- New keyboard shortcut assigned: Ctrl+O runs 'File -> Open IceWM Preferences File...'
- Updated Spanish and English language help files to include new info on the 'Run As Root' and 'Open IceWM Preferences File' features
- A few Spanish locale corrections

Added the following NEW FEATURES (5/3/2003 - 5/21/2003):

- Version is now 2.9
- ** IMPORTANT CHANGE / PLEASE READ ** Coming in the next release of IceWM (1.2.8pre2) the preferences property 'ModMetaIsCtrlAlt' is being renamed to 'ModSuperIsCtrlAlt'. (I checked the 'changelog' on the IceWM CVS server.) This name change in the IceWM 'preferences' file will have an effect on LOTS of users who rely on their 'Windows' key on their keyboards. Currently IcePref2 will support BOTH the old 'ModMetaIsCtrlAlt' and the new 'ModSuperIsCtrlAlt' until the release of the final IceWM 1.2.8 ONLY. This is to unsure that nobody's 'Windows' key stops 'working' due to an upgrade of IceWM Control Panel/IcePref2 while the developers of IceWM undergo preferences changes. After that, all support for the now deprecated 'ModMetaIsCtrlAlt' will be REMOVED and users will need to upgrade to IceWM 1.2.8-final, whenever it is released. Right now, ALL IcePref2 USERS MAY SEE A CONSOLE 'WARNING' WHEN LAUNCHING ICEWM saying that either the option 'ModMetaIsCtrlAlt' is 'deprecated' (if using IcePref 1.2.8pre2 or later) or the option 'ModSuperIsCtrlAlt' is 'unknown' (if using IcePref 1.2.8pre1 or before). If you see this 'warning' please know that IT IS NOT A BUG, but is there by design while IceWM transitions from 1.2.7 to 1.2.8. This is an obvious draw-back, but is necessary to support both the old/new options until IceWM has released the final 1.2.8 version and people have a chance to upgrade to a 'stable' release with the new preferences property 'ModSuperIsCtrlAlt'. Also, Win95keys are now enabled by default as of IceWM 1.2.8pre2, so the IcePref2 tradition of leaving Win95Keys on as 'default' is now officially 'in-sync' with the IceWM official defaults. Watch for IceWM 1.2.8-final and UPGRADE to it when it is released if you do not want to see your 'Windows' key affected in future upgrades of IceWM Control Panel!
- *New feature* : Basic, but useful search capabilities via the new 'icepref_search' module: you may now search through the literally hundreds of IceWM 'properties' rather than having to jump from tab to tab looking for certain IceWM properties in many sections
- Added a new sub-class of 'Application' called 'PullTab', which allows for the embedding of IcePref2 'modules' (or tabs) into other applications - feature only accessible internally and is probably only of use to other programmers
- *Property name change*: 'Multiple click time' in the 'Mouse' category has been renamed to the much clearer 'Mouse double-click speed'; This should eliminate any confusion as to what it means and whether it is for the keyboard or mouse.
- Drastic 'start-up' speed improvement for IcePref2 when running in 'single module' mode. (by preventing IcePref2 from realizing/creating unnecessary widgets that will not be shown on the screen....useful for running IcePref2 with commands like 'icepref module=Themes')
- new 'PullTab' class is used to embed the IcePref2 'Mouse' module into the IceWMCPMouse tool
- Bug Fix: fixed a bug where saving preferences could result in calls being made to non-existent widgets and 'blank' lines could be written into preferences files (i.e. some preferences could just be 'forgotten' during saving.) This bug only existed when running in 'single module' mode
- Bug Fix: Fixed a small but annoying bug reported by Jon Rutherford [jonrutherford ['at']], where the default value for 'UseRootButtons' was set to '0' in IcePref2, causing users who had never used IcePref2 (or had never set any 'UseRootButtons' value in their 'preferences' file) to lose the ability to invoke menus by clicking on the desktop with mouse buttons. The new default value for 'UseRootButtons' is now '255', which turns menu clicks on the desktop ON by 'default' unless the user chooses to disable them (this is the 'default' behavior for IceWM anyways) - Thanks to Jon Rutherford [jonrutherford ['at']] for the bug report.
- Bug Fix: Fixed a long-standing, unwanted feature where the Apply/Restart button was 'disabled' when running on BSD systems
- Bug Fix: Clicking the 'Apply' button now also automatically saves the IceWM 'preferences' file (This should have been done back in version 2.2 when the 'Restart' button transitioned to the 'Apply' button.) - now clicking the 'Apply' button is a one-step method of saving and applying new preferences
- Stability improvement: function for saving and reading preferences now catches ALL 'exceptions', not just 'IOError' exceptions
- Fixed all of the IcePref2 shell scripts for launching various IcePref2 modules (such as icepref-Themes, icepref-ToolTips, etc.)...all scripts now call the RIGHT IcePref2 modules, so users may easily run 'portions' of IcePref2 as they see fit
- *Major Spanish language improvements*: major proofreading, grammatical and spelling corrections, and updates to the Spanish language support (gettext support); I finally found the time to proofread the whole gettext catalog; Still not yet close to 'perfect', but a SERIOUS improvement
- Code cleanups: Removed all old 'DEBUG' code left over from David Mortensen's original version of IcePref (no longer needed...was just code bloat)
- Removed all but 2 archaic calls to 'print' on the console (these 2 are needed), all others replaced with GUI dialogs, less 'junk' to be printed to stdout/stderr.
- Locale additions: added 14 missing locale translations for BitMask and MouseButton classes, Spanish translations implemented
- Reconfigured many of the built-in IceWM 'defaults' to upgrade their values to the 'official' default values for IceWM version 1.2.7; All default fonts have been changed from Lucida fonts to Helvetica-family fonts.
- Important changes in the built-in 'defaults: The default theme is now set to 'icedesert/default.theme'; MultiByte internationalizations support is now ON by default; XFreeType font support is now ON by default; Continuous Edge Switching of workspaces is now ON by default; Desktop Window Menu Button has been changed from '1' to '0'; Several Quick-Switch 'defaults' have been updated.
- Defaults that have been left with non-standard IceWM settings (for tweaks): Support for Win95 keys [Win95Keys] is ON; TaskBarDoubleHeight is ON; ShowProgramsMenu is ON;
- Feature enhancement: Increased the number of configurable workspace names from 8 to 12
- Feature enhancement: Actual IceWM 'pref' configuration keyword is now shown in the pop-up tooltips for each configurable feature, enclosed in [ ] - for example [MenuMouseTracking], for easier referencing to known configuration capabilities for people who have edited the 'preferences' file by hand before
- GUI improvements: Several - Entry and Toggle widgets no longer 'stretch' out unnecessarily when they appear next to considerably larger widgets; 'WorkspaceNames' configuration area no longer takes up more space than needed - divided into 2 shorter and less-wide columns, so the workspace tab does not appear to have 'gaps' all over the place. Eliminated unnecessary line breaks that often appeared in Entry, Toggle, and Label widgets; 'Rows' of widgets in the dual-columns are now forced to match up top-to-top; overall look is now much cleaner, neater, and less chaotic
- New feature / GUI improvement: Program now uses the shared drag-n-drop module 'icewmcp_dnd' for all drag-n-drop support; Support has been added for dragging and dropping colors on the 'color button' objects from other Gtk applications with color dialogs (such as GColorSel, Gimp, etc.)
- GUI touch-up/usability improvement: Tooltips added to the buttons next to the theme preview image box
- Locale/gettext fix: Categories (on the menu) and tabs now always come up in alphabetical order, even when not running under the English (EN) locale. (Several Spanish and Russian users had reported 'unorganized' ordering of the categories and tabs.)

Added the following NEW FEATURES (4/21/2003 - 5/1/2003):

- Version is now 2.8
- Russian language support has been added (Vasya Leushin )
- Portability fix: The default icon path in the 'default' settings now uses cross-platform getIceWMConfigPath()+"icons/" insteady of "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/icewm/icons/"
- 'Help' -> 'Help...' has been added to the menu, accessible by pressing 'F4'
- Internal help about this tool is now available, using the new uniform internal 'Help' system
- Internationalization improvement: Spanish language help on this tool is now available, accessible by pressing 'F4'
- Start-up improvement: Startup now features a small splash screen while the program is loading
- Usability improvement: The 'sample font text' now also features numbers 0-9 for better font previewing
- Changed menu item File -> 'Restart IceWM...' to File -> 'Apply Changes Now...' for a more consistent look across all applications
- Usability improvement: Changed button 'Restart' to 'Apply' (more user-friendly and less confusing.)
- Usability improvement: Added key binding for 'Apply Changes Now...' -> Ctrl + A
- Usability improvement: Added key binding for 'Run...' -> Ctrl+R
- Usability improvement: Added key binding for 'About' -> F2
- Usability improvement: Added key binding for 'Credits' -> F3
- Usability improvement: Added key binding for 'Send a Bug Report...' -> F5
- Usability improvement: Added key binding for 'Check for newer versions of this program..." -> Ctrl+U
- Usability improvement: ALL widgets for ALL options now have popup tooltips
- One small addition the the locale and Spanish language locale support to accomodate the new Splash screen
- Minor updates to the locale, and Spanish and Russian language locale support

Added the following NEW FEATURES (3/30/2003 - 4/4/2003):

- Version is now 2.7
- Bug fix: "Tools" menu for running IceWM Control Panel now launches 'IceWMCP' instead of the old 'IceControlPanel'
- GUI cleanup: eliminated the unncessary 'space' around the top menu
- GUI improvement: slicker-looking (hopefully), more original logo with transparency
- GUI improvement: Cleaner-looking 'About' window uses new 'commonAbout' dialog from the 'common' module
- Code cleanup: Removed dependency on GtkExtra module
- Dialog messages now use new classier dialogs from 'IceWMCP_Dialogs' common module
- Code cleanup: Removed unnecessary method 'ConfirmDialog' since it is no longer needed
- Added 'Credits' item to the 'Help' menu to give credit to translators and others who have contributed
- The 'About Theme Previews' function now uses a scrollable window for easier reading
- Menu correction: "Tools" menu item for launching IceWMCP now says 'requires IceWMCP' instead of the out-dated 'requires IceControlPanel'

Added the following NEW FEATURES (3/20/2003-3/21/2003) - Version 2.6:

- Version is now 2.6
- Fixed a serious bug in IcePref2 which caused IcePref2 to reset user 'preferences' to system default 'preferences' (users should upgrade for this exact reason).
- The 'Save' confirmation dialog now informs you of the location of the 'backup' file as well
- Basic code clean-up (sys.argv[0] arguments switch to use common getBaseDir() function)
- Added 'Run...' dialog menu command to the 'File' menu

Added the following NEW FEATURES (3/14/2003-3/16/2003) - Version 2.5:

- Brought IcePref2 up-to-date with IceWM 1.2.7
- Fix a small bug that caused IcePref2 not to read in some options from 'preferences' files
- Version is now 2.5
- Added a button on the 'Themes' part of the program for AUTOMATICALLY generating theme preview ('preview.jpg') images if they don't already exist (or for creating new ones of they do exist), making it easier than ever for users to get previews for themes and create previews for their own themes for distribution. The user doesn't have to do anything but click a couple of quick buttons and IcePref2 does all the work to create professional-looking theme previews. Now, you don't have to hunt around for preview images or open up Gimp.
- Preferences which require colors how have a nice looking GUI 'color button', so you can SEE what color is being used without having to open the color selection dialog
- Added support for the following new IceWM 'preferences' available in IceWM 1.2.7: ShowProgramsMenu, ShowRun, ShowLogoutSubMenu, ShowWindowList , ShowAbout , ShapesProtectClientWindow, AllowFullscreen QuickSwitchGroupWorkspaces
- Added support for the following options: KeySysWindowList, KeySysWorkspace11, KeySysWorkspace12 KeySysWorkspace12TakeWin, KeySysWorkspace11TakeWin, KeySysWinListMenu
- Other minor GUI improvements
- Added 'Theme Designer' to the Tools menu
- Added support for software update checking from 'File' menu
- Now supports the $ICEWM_PRIVCFG environment variable (but does anybody really use it)
- Updated locale (gettext) and Spanish language locale support

Added the following NEW FEATURES (2/20/2003-2/25/2003):

- uses new shared '' module
- gettext (foreign language) support added
- complete Spanish language (gettext) support added (not yet perfected for grammar)
- added Drag-n-drop support for desktop image preview (drag an image onto the preview window, file entry, or file button for immediate previewing and directory switching)
- added nice 'select' pixmaps for font, color, file, and path select widgets (instead of "..." button)
- cleaner GUI layout, no more 'long' property lines that force the window to scroll more than needed
- cleaned up toggle-button widgets so text is not right on top of checkmark
- changed version from 2.1 to 2.2

Added the following NEW FEATURES (1/25/2003-1/28/2003):

Improved user interface (tabs up top, cleaner resizing, etc.)
"Quick-jump" to configuration categories (to avoid scrolling through tabs)
Many bug fixes
Introduced support for new preferences options in IceWM 1.2.5
Removed several deprecated preferences options in IceWM 1.2.5
Previewing of themes (see
Theme Previews - HOW TO for more info)
Previewing of desktop wallpaper
Configuration options now organzied into more LOGICAL categories
Added theme file parsing support (author, description) for theme preview
Themes can be applied immediately through IcePref
Confirmation dialog when saving your IceWM preferences
More human-readable options and menus, improved user-friendliness
Added support for launching other userful IceWM-related apps (IceMe, IceSoundManager, Ice Control Panel, etc.)
Many other tweaks and improvements I don't have time to type...

Added support for the following options in the IceWM 'preferences' file to make it consistent with IceWM version 1.2.5 (1/26/2003):


Removed support for the following deprecated options to make it consistent with IceWM version 1.2.5 (1/26/2003):


IceWM Control Panel is Copyright (c) 2002-2005 by Erica Andrews (PhrozenSmoke ['at']
See the license and copyright documents for more legal information regarding this software.

Last Update: 04/29/2005
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